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Daddy Trinh describes landing in Sydney Airport in 1981 as a re-birth since the Vietnam War. He discovered a new zest for life, and was loving every bit of Australia and Aussie culture! 

However, one thing was missing…he just could not satisfy his taste buds. So, he went back to Vietnam, searched far and wide across every single instant noodle factory, selected only the best, and came back to Australia to establish Vifon here. 


To this day, there remains a fierce following for Vifon products across Chinese and Vietnamese grocery stores.



Banh Da Cua

Hai Phong red noodles with steamed crab

The red noodles made from flour and coloured with a dark caramel made from granulated brown sugar are known as ‘Banh Da’ and are a speciality of Hai Phong. 

banh da cua hai phong style rice noodles instant crab flavour

Banh Da Cua

This is also offered in a very convenient bowl form, great to take to work when you simply don’t have the time! Throw in some lettuce and you have a fresh tasting delicious meal!

banh da cua crab flavour hai phong style instant rice noodles in a bowl

Bun Rieu Cua

Bún riêu is a traditional Vietnamese soup of meat and rice vermicelli. This dish is well-known in Vietnam and in the world. Bún riêu cua is served with tomato broth and topped with crab. (Yes, there’s real crab in this instant meal!)

bun rieu cua vietnamese tomato crab noodle soup recipe instructions

Pho Bo

Beef rice noodles

Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and served in restaurants around the world. The quintessential Vietnamese noodle dish.

Craving Vietnamese?

Check out this video for instant Pho 😉

When you really just can’t be bothered getting out of the house, driving out to Cabra, Bankstown, or even Marrickville for that craving of Vietnamese food. 

Satisfy your taste buds with your stockpile of instant Pho, Bun Rieu, and Banh Da Cua!

Mummy Trinh’s fool-proof recipe to make a satisfying meal out of instant VIFON Pho!

They All Love Our Food

True authentic flavours of Vietnam, tried and tested over decades of Vietnamese food lovers throughout the globe, packaged into little bags and bowls that can be stockpiled in your pantry. 

“I’m particular with my food, and I cannot believe how good the Beef Pho is! Where has it been all my life? That’s Pho Bo FYI.”

– Alex Slade, 
Film Director

“When you’ve got an 8 month old to look after, you really appreciate a cheap and delicious snack that you can just grab from your pantry!”

– Pete Hill,
IT Consultant

“As much as I love cooking, it’s so great to be able to get the flavours of my childhood without spending hours on end in the kitchen.”

– Natalie Ly,
Freelance Photographer

“I love Vifon’s range of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  It makes for a super easy healthy snack after a long day’s work or in between patients.”

– Anthony Huynh,

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